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Pawprints on the Heartland, a non-profit organization, is committed to combating the problem of pet overpopulation in Southeast Kansas. Pawprints makes spaying or neutering your pets both affordable and accessible.   Spaying and neutering is the simplest, safest way of preventing animals from reproducing. 


Approximately 70% of animals in pounds and shelters are killed. Pawprints On The Heartland believes that killing homeless, unwanted animals in shelters is NOT the answer. Reducing the number of animals born is the only ethical solution to pet overpopulation that will have long-term effects.  


Every year, unplanned and unwanted litters create millions of homeless pets. For every human born, 7 puppies and kittens are born. Due to this extreme overpopulation of pets, only one in ten animals born will get a home.


Spaying/neutering gets to the root of overpopulation of homeless pets as it prevents the birth of unwanted pets.

Did you know that the age of cats that can become pregnant is 4 - 6 months?! Every year, each adult cat can have 3 litters of  kittens with an average of 4 kittens.This one female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years! 

How about dogs then?  Every year, each  female dog can have 2 litters with an average of 4 puppies. This one female dog and her offspring can still produce 67,000 dogs in six years!

For more information please call (620) 232-0907 or go to http://www.pawprintsontheheartland.org/