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The SEK Humane Society's Doggie Bag Resale Shop has thousands of items at bargain prices and all proceeds from the store go to support the homeless animals at the Society's shelter.

The Doggie Bag has been in operation since 1987 and is the 2nd largest source of income for the Humane Society (the first is donations). The Society greatly depends on the store's monthly earnings. The profits of the resale stop help pay for: rent, building utilities, veterinary care, spay/neuter surgeries, cleaning supplies, and food for the animals.

HOURS: Tues.-Sat | 11AM - 6PM
LOCATION: 514 North Broadway St. | Pittsburg, KS | 66762
Facebook Page:

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The SEK Humane Society has several plot options to assist the public in the need of pet burials at our pet cemetery (485 East 560th Avenue | Pittsburg, KS | 66762),

Burial of Cremation (Urn/Box) | $45.00
Cat/Small Dog Up to 30lbs | $65.00
Medium Sized Dog Up to 60lbs | $90.00
Large Sized Dog Up to 100lbs | $125.00
Dogs Over 100lbs | $150.00
*only cremated cat & dog remains are to buried on our property (no horses, ect)*
Pet Cemetery Rules:
1. All pet burials must be made by appointment in advance with payment received before the burial.  To make a reservation for the cemetery, please call us at 620-232-1840.

2. The SEK Humane Society does NOT provide labor for digging services for pet funerals.  The attendees/owners of the animal MUST acquire their own help/volunteers.  The SEK Humane Society is more than willing to let visitors use our own shovels.

3. All burial holes MUST be at least 5 feet deep.  The SEK Humane Society will provide a measuring tool to the family when digging.  The owners/attendees MUST come get a staff member before the completion of burial to verify that the hole is 5 feet deep. 

4. Approved Cemetary Items: 
Headstones of any kindGrave markers of any kind, decorations of any kind including but not limited to flowers, holiday items, past pet items, and more.  Fake and real flowers are approved to plant; real flowers of course cannot be species that are poisonous/toxic to dogs and cats.
5. Banned Cemetary Items: Items that contain any hurtful media or have or derogatory will be removed. This is an area for peace, not to share politic opinions. ROUND UP WEED KILLER! Shelter dogs get walked in the cemetery area quite often and this is a very toxic chemical sprayer that can harm dogs and cats. Even a little with a windy day can spread to other areas in this zone. Thankfully we have volunteers that come by and mow this area but if you are cleaning up your own gravesite then PET SAFE weed killers are the only chemicals approved.
6. The SEK Humane Society is NOT responsible for any damages to cemetery items.  We are in a very rural area with high winds and storms so we recommend to not leave pictures out there or items that if lost would leave you heart broken.  From time to time due to weather erosion or winds, smaller statues can become broken or fake flowers can fly away.  Patrons can of course decorate their grave areas but please keep the weather in wind with certain precious items. 

Nearby Pet Cremation Services &Other Pet Cemeteries

Please speak with your vet if they provide cremation services.  If they do not, here are some nearby locations that can assist you:

Paws to Heaven Pet Cremation Services
140 E. Emperor Lane | Joplin, MO | 417-385-7074

Joplin Pet Cremation
400 W. Daugherty St | Webb City, MO | 417-673-2412

The Amos Pet Crematory
10901 Johnson Drive | Shawnee, KS | 417-673-2412
Nearby Pet Cemetaries:
Dog-Voted Boarding Kennels & Pet Cemetary 
16061 E Kellogg St | Wichita, KS | 316-733-1631  
Pet Lawn Memorial Gardens
820 SW Auburn Rd | Topeka, KS | 913-478-4925
All Little Friends Pet Cemetery
6450 Southeast Blvd | Derby, KS | 316-788-4221
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Pet Care & Surgery Center
1404 East 4th Street | Pittsburg, KS | 620-308-6454

Broadway Animal Hosptial
101 East Euclid Street | Pittsburg, KS | 620-231-5970

Town & Country Animal Hospital
1030 US-69 | Frontenac, KS | 620-231-5340


City of Pittsburg Animal Control
1316 West Atkinson | Pittsburg, KS | 620-687-4239
*only intakes dogs found within the city limits of Pittsburg, KS*

Happy Paws
1709 North Walnut | Pittsburg, KS | 620-719-9639

Joplin Humane Society

140 East Emperor Lane | Joplin, MO | 417-623-3642

Golden Paw Pet Rescue

2300 North Main Street Road | Joplin, MO | 417-623-0842

Fort Scott Paws & Claws Animal Shelter
8 North Judson Street | Fort Scott, KS | 620-223-2888

KC Pet Project

7077 Elmwood Ave | Kansas City, MO | 816-683-1383

Great Plains SPCA 

5424 Antioch Drive | Merriam, KS | 913-831-7722

SEKHS Lost & Found Animals

FREE Facebook Group Page

Have you lost your beoved pet?  Or perhaps see a roaming dog nearby and want to share with others in the hopes of finding its owner?  Then become a member of our FREE Facebook Group page: SEK Lost & Found Pets.  On this page the public can post informatoin and pictures of lost pets, found pets, and even trying to rehome animals.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT an animal SELLING site and all posts will be deleted and users will be blocked.  This is a free community resrouce tool to help find animals their homes. 

Group Page Link: (4) SEK Lost & Found Pets | Facebook

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